Some of Best Online Christian Resources

One of the great things about technology is the access it gives you to a number of resources. Indeed, there are a great many free web resources that can help you in your study of scripture.  Ancient scripture have been brought into the 21st Century with the help of computers, mobile, tablet and the Internet, and you can access a number of resources, from online Bibles and various translations, to tools to improve your study, to lesson plans and ideas.

You don’t have to be a Bible student, or planning for a career in the ministry, to benefit from the online Bible resources available. Anyone can find greater enjoyment and enlightenment from the holy scriptures when they look to using web. Whether you are looking for personal edification, or whether you are preparing a lesson for Sunday school, here are some of the best Christian web or online resources.  Besides for these great resource we have also included some of the best local help site and open source software for you or your church.

Online Bibles

  • Online Parallel Bible: This online Bible helps you compare verses in multiple different versions of the Bible. A great way to learn about what’s in each translation. Includes tools to help with context and cross reference.
  • The Bible Gateway: One of the best ways to look up verses, search various translations and find passages of interest.
  • Read the Bible online, choosing the translation of your choice. Includes a search feature to help you find what you are looking for.
  • King James Bible: A great place to go to read the King James translation. Divided by law, history and other subjects so it’s easy to find books and verses.
  • As you might expect, this web site is all about the Bible, and reading different translations.
  • Blue Letter Bible: Helps you find verses and phrases quickly and easily. Advanced Bible search, accompanied by great tools and information.
  • Online Bibles: Go to this page to get access to different Bibles in different languages. A great resource for those looking for different translations.
  • The Unbound Bible: Search-able Bibles. Look at different versions, and display different verses, from different versions, side by side.
  • YouVersion: A great Bible that allows you to set up your own study schedule, and decide on the version that you understand best.
  • New Advent Bible: Read different editions of the Bible, and get access to different books. Easy to navigate.
  • Audio Bible Online: If you want to hear the Word of God, you can listen with the help of this online audio Bible.
  • Bible Portal: Access to Bibles, as well as Bible dictionaries and concordance.

Bible Study Tools

  • The Bible’s place in history, as well as devotionals, and other study aids.
  • Bible Study Aids: Different Bibles, histories, commentaries and more to help you study the Bible more effectively.
  • American Bible Society: Learn more about different resources, join a ministry, and suggestions for daily reading.
  • Learn more about Bible, and find study tools. You can learn more about the Bible, including audio and video resources.
  • Plenty of resources related to Bible study. Commentary, history and other interesting options for Bible.
  • Bible Study Planet: Studies by age. Options for adults, teens and kids. Great way to learn more.
  • Christian Bible Reference Site: Learn more about Bible history, frequently asked questions, and find helpful hints for study.
  • Christian Bible Studies: Christianity Today offers some Bible study options, as well as commentary on different matters of doctrine as found in scripture.
  • Search God’s Word: This resource from Heartlight offers devotionals and other Bible study tools.
  • Understanding the Bible. Great tools for Bible study.
  • – Great for purchasing Bibles and Christian literature at discount price
  • Source for older books including the Puritans (R.C. Sproul’s ministry site.)

Bible Lesson Ideas

  • A great resource for teachers looking for lesson ideas.
  • Back to the Bible: Basic lesson and study plans from this online audio ministry. Great ideas, and plenty of tools.
  • Great Bible lessons and ideas for study. Plenty of ideas for teaching about the Bible.
  • Bible Study Lessons: Learn more about the Bible, as well as about different lesson possibilities. This is a great resource for lesson preparation.
  • DLTK’s Bible Lesson Plans: Find Bible lesson plans. Offers ideas for different books, and contains teaching ideas. Great resources for Bible study and more.
  • Free Bible Study Lessons: Lesson plans available for different Bible studies. A great resource for teaching others about the Bible, and good ideas for lessons.
  • Bible Lesson Connection: Prepare lessons straight from the Bible with help from this great resource.
  • Bible Knowledge: Basic information about the Bible, as well as facts. Topic ideas, and lesson ideas.
  • Youth Worker: These great Bible lesson ideas are perfect for teaching youth — and you might find something interesting and worthwhile as well.
  • Children’s Bible Lessons: A variety of lessons designed to help children gain an understanding of God’s Word, as taught in the Bible.
  • PowerPoint Bible Lessons: Easy way to prepare lessons on Bible. Get help from these PowerPoint slides.
  • Bible Lessons International: Access to Bible commentary and other tools that can be helpful in lesson preparation.

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Family Helps:

Financial Guidance:

  • Need help getting a grip on finances, go here quick!
  • Site of Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspectives ministry.

Local Help:

  • Department of Health & Human Resources related links
  • Department of Health & Human Resource


  • a great free program for use in Worship Services.
  • Worship Presentation Software
  • A freeware Bible study and analysis application with Advanced Searching, Bible Statistics, Parallel Text Generator, Text-To-Speech, Audio, and more.
  • A free Bible software. Includes STEP Library compatibility along with extensive search functions, thousands of available Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps, and other religious books. This is the most popular free Bible software for the PC, the program being downloaded over 10,000 times per day
  • A free comprehensive Bible study software with features including Bibles in many languages, non-Bible study resources (including maps), cross-referencing system, more.

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